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We match social investors with ChangeMakers and Filmmakers to capture and illuminate the creative pursuit of solutions to social problems.

Searching for grant money, Angel investors

"Original Pursuit's plan for 2021 seeks investors to fund a digital media platform for promising young scientists whose research is unknown, undiscovered. As a Public Benefit company, the plan is to match investors and ChangeMakers, to raise seed grants to advance promising scientific and civic research, and to illuminate those ChangeMakers with short 5 to 15 minute inspiring documentaries that will launch social and environmental enterprise with public and private funders. The unique inventory of short films, each about the pursuit of truth, will be sold to mainstream media, cable companies, news channels, video bloggers, and digital streamers whose relentless demand for creative content has risen dramatically in the past decade. Commerce, education, and residential entertainment have become remote. Yet the search for original pursuits is never ending. We intend to be financially self- sustaining. Seeing how others successfully addressed their issues is contagious, hopeful, and uplifting. Authentic content matters. That is the mark of Original Pursuit.

Currently less than 20% of America’s brilliant young scientists receive about 15% of their collective need for fellowships, research stipends, and lab assignments.  Far too often the incandescent ideas and latent creative energy are lost, especially for minorities, women, and visiting scientists from developing countries, forever lost in the academic black hole of fundraising. Original Pursuit will endeavor to capture the unseen energy, providing timely leverage and more light, so that genius can inspire others, be found, and supported. Perseverance, discovery, and hope for constructive impacts on society will sustain our investors. The project is designed for universal appeal to different ages, disciplines, nationalities, and media.

The venture seeks Founder Producers to advance seed grants of $25,000 to illuminate each new project with a short documentaries and social media support. Interest from the initial rollout is used to generate documentary stage funding from a broader group of investors.  The best documentaries will be monetized via cable television or streaming services like Netflix.  The Founder Producer will be given credit for sponsorship, access to the creators, and an appropriate interest in the success of the project.

Our plan for 2024 is to match a dozen Founder Producers to Original Pursuit filmmakers to identify and articulate creative solutions to environmental problems.  What is the health of your waters, your trees, your soils, your forests, your wildlife, I.e. the precious web of life around you that makes life worth living ?


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