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Photo:  Edu Lauton

Original Pursuit is established for Public Benefit, e.g. to identify, illuminate, and support a diverse group of scientists and social entrepreneurs whose unique vision promises substantial environmental and social benefits. Will you help us find them?


Who are ChangeMakers?

1. Original thinkers with original pursuits, e.g., scientists, artists, engineers, designers, architects, inventors, farmers, teachers, musicians.

2. Doers whose original environmental, social and governance ideas could change the world, for each of us.

3. Undiscovered genius, discovered by you.


Where to find them?

1. At universities and small colleges, working late, working in labs and libraries, plowing fields in search of truth.

2  In your town, your school, your neighborhood, your office

3. You will know them when you see them, relentless seekers with boundless energy, optimistic about the future, working against odds with little support.


Why they need support?

1. Visions need interpretation, not everyone understands genius on first sight.

2. Intense dedication often distracts an inventor’s cognizance away from the outside world.

3. Isolation can slow progress, inhibit funding, repel recognition, delay discovery, or lead to failure. 


Ways you can help?

1. Private enterprise to the rescue. Discover original pursuits. Nominate genius. Capture their essence in a Video Abstract to

2. Seed their research through philanthropy, through corporate and foundation investments, or with government introductions.

3. Launch original enterprise, as a Founder Producer, a Mentor, a Pathfinder for progress.

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