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Call for Proposals

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Photo:  Finn Hackshaw

Calling Original Thinkers.  Let us help you illuminate your research project for environmental and social impacts. Original Pursuit’s mission is to provide seed grants to help advance innovative research projects that will have constructive environmental, social and governance impacts on the quality of life.   To apply, Original Pursuit asks that you: 

1.   Help the Science Committee assess your research by providing a 3–5 page research proposal that explains what you study, why it is important in generating new knowledge, and how this new knowledge will constructively impact the environment and society, locally, and if appropriate, more broadly.

2.   Help Original Pursuit introduce your enterprise to Potential Sponsors who may assist you and your research.  Please prepare a Video Abstract or 3–6 minute video clip (selfies are fine) in which you: a) Explain how your project began; b) Describe the depth and diversity of your team; c) Explain what it costs to sustain your project for a year, and for five years; d) Enumerate a few social and environmental benefits of your research, since some sponsors work through an ESG lens; e) Identify who are the intended beneficiaries of your findings; and f) Propose new audiences whom you would like to reach and why?

Original Pursuit will showcase your work with interested sponsors in a best effort to help you become a ChangeMaker who solves challenging problems that will make society and the planet more sustainable for generations to come. We salute you.

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