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Photo:  Yann Jacobsen

The following four projects have been approved for Founder Producers.

Species Survival

ChangeMakers - Ken Balcomb & Jim Youngren

Can an entrepreneur save a vanishing species?   The southern pods of the iconic Orca (30-foot-long majestic sea mammals) patrolling the Pacific coasts are diminishing at an alarming rate, says marine biologist and Orca specialist Ken Balcomb. This is due to massive reductions in available Chinook salmon, their traditional food source. Teaming up with fish hatchery developer Jim Youngren, this pair of changemakers is planning to raise and barge 500,000 two-year old chinook smolts to feeding grounds in the Salish Sea near the San Juan Islands north of Seattle to impact the survival of Orcas.  By illuminating the costs and possible benefits of this bold venture, Original Pursuit may galvanize coastal populations, shipping and fishing authorities, and the recreational fishing industry to support this one and only Seattle Sealift to preserve a neighboring species in distress.